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Yoni Eggs

Yoni eggs are small shaped crystal eggs. Yoni eggs are used for pelvic floor exercises. The different crystals have their own story and abilities, yoni eggs have been used by women over thousands of years. This is a great way to access your own sexual power. By using yoni eggs, you will improve your sexual sensations, tighten the vaginal wall and helps you experience more intense orgasms. Kegel exercise is also a good exercise to strengthen the core which gives a flatter and stronger stomach.

We recommend large drilled eggs for new beginners or if you have given birth.
For more advance and experience users that wanting to challenge their exercises, we recommend the small yoni egg.

Yoni eggs

To connect and practice with a crystal yoni egg is a beautiful way to heal your physical and emotional body and align with your spirit and true self. Women of any age can use them for kegel exercises or to heighten sensitivity through the increased blood flow in the genital area. It's perfect as a meditative and intentional practice to reconnect to your body, feel into your inherent original sensuality and vulnerability with self love.