Rose Quartz Crystal Yoni Wand

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A beautiful, high quality yoni wand made from Rose Quartz!
Use the wand for pleasure, play with or without partner, tantric yoni massage or to consciously massage acupressure spots inside the vagina to release tension and increase emotional well being and vitality in the genital area.

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Yoni wands can be used like any other dildo. Our luxury crystals provide pleasure and healing.

Embrace your sexuality and spirituality with this wonderful sacred sex tool.
Start with breathing deeply and massaging your most sacred and intimate places with the wand.

A yoni wand is a crystal or other natural gemstone wand that is intended for sacred self-pleasure, manifestation and healing from within.

Many users use warm or cold water to experiment with the temperature of the wand to create new element of self-pleasure.

Take good care of your handmade wand, and the wand will help you experience deeper orgasms increase emotional well-being and vitality in the genital area.

CARE: Gently wash the yoni wand with organic or chemical free soap after use. We recommend that you wash the wand before the first use, to ensure that there’s no dust from packaging and shipping. Be aware that wand is made of natural crystals and therefore are fragile.

If you have further questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

81 reviews for Rose Quartz Crystal Yoni Wand

  1. Janine (verified owner)

    I just received my Goddess Wand and Yoni Egg in the mail- The care put into the packaging and the product is incredible! They are so beautiful in person, and I 10/10 recommend Krystles’ Crystals to anyone who appreciates lovely customer service /craftsmanship. 🙂

  2. Elisha W. (verified owner)

    Truly lovely
    I have never used a gemstone wand before and found the rose quartz to meld to my body’s temperature perfectly, felt it glide harmoniously with my body and love every moment of the sacred connect with the energies of the stone. We have loved playing with it together and exploring on my own has also brought its own rewards!

  3. Brian (verified owner)

    I gave the wand to my wife for our anniversary last night, and she was thrilled. The packaging you put with the wand was very thoughtful and well presented. Your support during the buying process was great also! You were so responsive with any question I had, and that was very helpful when purchasing such an intimate gift!

  4. Janis F. (verified owner)

    Rose Quartz Yoni Wand
    I have been using my wand every night before bed. I am very impressed with how if feels, now wanting at least a couple more made from different stones, different sizes.

  5. Mick Keating (verified owner)

    The mrs absolutely loves it, I just hope it doesn’t replace me

  6. Felicia (verified owner)

    I’m in love with my goddess wand! It came beautifully wrapped in a velvet pouch. It’s the perfect weight and shape, plus the color variation in the quartz is magical to look at. Loved getting the extra goodies to cleanse my wand with a little ceremony too! Thank you!

  7. Shane Hamill (verified owner)

    Wow !!!!
    Zoe has provided some feedback to pass on. “The wand is a beautiful and powerful piece which I absolutely love. Its presence is beside me when I sleep and its use has led me to some amazing places including some mind-blowing astral travel”

  8. Carly Schneider (verified owner)

    The Original Rose Quartz Goddess Wand is an exquisitely crafted piece loaded with positive, nurturing energy. Krystle provides exceptional customer service and is a delightful human. Her meditation ‘Honoring the Divine Feminine Within’ is a beautiful accompaniment for a soulful experience. Krystle’s products are the perfect addition to any self care rituals.

  9. Daylet V. (verified owner)

    Rose Quartz Spiral Yoni
    Exelent product, I love it.

  10. Briana G. (verified owner)

    Rose Quartz Spiral Yoni Wand
    I ordered the medium thick rose quartz spiral wand and it is absolutely amazing! My first wand from GYE and I’m super satisfied with the width and smoothness of it. I specifically requested a deep/dark pink and am happy with that request being fulfilled as well. An overall quite lovely product that I am super in love with. I would definitely order…Read MoreRead more about review stating Rose Quartz Spiral Yoni Wand it again. Read LessRead less about review stating Rose Quartz Spiral Yoni Wand

  11. Jody D. (verified owner)


  12. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I was so excited to receive my goddess wand and was shocked that it was delivered on a Sunday and New Years Eve no less! It arrived at my door, along with a few other gifts. I was able to get some alone time that day.

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"Rose Quartz" Rose Quartz is the crystal of love. Not just romantic love, but unconditional love that has no limits or judgment. The healing properties facilitates with entering your life through it's ability to bring your consciousness to a higher level. Rose quartz should be kept out of the sun, so as to not loose its pretty shade. The most common sources for rose quartz are in Brazil, Madagascar, India and South Africa.